Ecommerce Platforms Comparison:

The Largest Markets by Country and the Top Global Ecommerce Players Compared

What are the world’s largest ecommerce markets one may consider when expanding an online business? What are the best ecommerce platforms for global expansion? Here is an ecommerce platforms comparison that will help you decide!

Whether you are running an online business for a few years now or you are just starting out, considering the option to expand your business to new markets is highly recommendable.
But, what about the current dynamics of the ecommerce industry?

According to researchers, the future of retail is ecommerce retail. It varies across various markets and different cultural landscapes. The customer behavior, on the other side, has been steadily moving toward digitized service. The ecommerce market is expected to grow by $4.5 trillion by 2021.

The traditional sellers and business owners of all sizes and business types have been engaged in a business digitalization and all thanks to modern technology. The mobile devices empower shoppers to shop quickly and easy, regardless of time and place. The number of ventures that started avoiding the brick-and-mortar model is really impressive. By 2019, we can expect the ecommerce sales to grow by 12%.
The ecommerce businesses have already adopted the new approach to digital businesses, and we can’t see why you shouldn’t adopt it as well.

The ecommerce industry can help you grow your business and sell to new markets thanks to international ecommerce platforms. Growing your physical store and selling to customers from all over the world is a little bit difficult and a lot more expensive.
Before you decide to use an international ecommerce platform and scale up your online store, take a look at the countries that have proven to be profitable and highly recommended in the ecommerce industry.

Here are the largest ecommerce markets you may consider:

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➢ China: China is the fastest growing ecommerce market in the world with $672 billion online sales a year.
➢ US: With $340 billion in annual ecommerce sales, the US market is the second growing market in the world.
➢ UK: The United Kingdom also has an impressive number – $99 billion in sales.
➢ Japan: Wondering whether Japan is a smart idea to consider for expanding your online business. WIth $79 billion in annual ecommerce sales, we believe it is.

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➢ Germany: With $73 billion in annual online sales and 8.4% share, Germany is also a great option to consider.
➢ France: With $43 billion in ecommerce sales a year, France is a great new market to take into consideration.
➢ South Korea: Korea brings in almost 10% of the total retail sales in the country, with $37 billion online sales a year.
➢ Canada: With a great online market share and total retail sales of 5.7% Canada makes $30 billion in ecommerce sales.

What about the international ecommerce platforms you may use? We’ve compared some of the best and leading ecommerce platforms on the market and according to our ecommerce platforms comparison, here are the 10 best platforms you may consider for expanding your online store:

1. Shopify
2. WooCommerce
3. Magento
4. MonsterCOmmerce
5. VirtueMart
6. PrestaShop
7. WixStores
8. BigCOmmerce
9. OpenCart
10. osCommerce

Shopify is one of the best and top recommended platform to use when expanding your online business. Ecommerce solution Shopify can provide you with all the tools you need to grow your business and help you explore new markets and attract new customers.

If you want to take a look at all the features that Shopify provides you, go to

International ecommerce is growing fast and is expected to be a key factor for successful online businesses in the near future. Pick the best ecommerce platform and expose your online store to new countries and cultures! Don’t be afraid to take the first step in selling overseas!
Hurry up, your customers are waiting!

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