Shopify – An International Ecommerce Platform

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If we talk about cross-border ecommerce, there are many challenges associated with it. For instance, there are variations in the buying habits of customers in every country, variations in payment options, logistics, delivery methods, returns, customer service and many more. Therefore, international ecommerce platforms that are able to handle these requirements, are a need.

This article will discuss some of the best ecommerce platform in the market i.e. Shopify.

Going global is a key factor to being prosperous and expanding your business. However, it is a hectic task that requires a lot of effort. Shopify helps you make it work and be a part of the global boom. Shopify was a global platform since it started off, it allows the businesses to communicate with and understand better, the global audience.

Shopify helps you create your international strategy on a SAAS platform which will enable you to handle volume. It is PCI level 1 compliant and you can connect directly with fulfillment solutions and international warehouses. Furthermore, you can depend upon the AMI of Shopify to connect with your international solutions like 3PL, ERP, OMS and more.

Moreover, all the themes that Shopify provides (100+ paid, unpaid), are mobile friendly, that allows you to reach your potential customers regardless of their location and the device they’re using. Also, Shopify allows you to select the best global carrier services and payment gateways.

With Shopify, you can easily customize your store and personalize products and content to new markets. Shopify also has a feature which allows users to visit their website in their native language, making it a user-friendly platform. It is simple and quick to use, you can set up your store in some simple steps. It also provides users with a 14 day free trial and the team is always available to assist users via phone, email and live chat sessions. You can also sell on multiple channels and integrate your store with Facebook. Shopify provides an experience that is multi-channel and is made for various seasonal trends, currencies and languages. It is by far the best available platform.

Therefore, when we talk about international ecommerce platforms, Shopify is one of the leading solution provider that is available. It offers a lot of amazing features that will allow you to reach your goals of going global.  If you’re planning to go global and expand, Shopify is the best platform for you.

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